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EWS Unit Plan

LIG - 1 Unit Plan

LIG - 2 Unit Plan

Records of the Property

  • The owner will have the facility to download the records of unit which includes the details about the lands, approvals, clearances and completion records which gives the value to the ownership.
  • Owner can pay his dues online easily
  • The essential maintenance related issues inclusive of prepaid meters, its accounts, to lodge online complaints and seek solutions
  • Transparency in transfers and encumbrances records of the property for easy use and purchase


  • 24*7 3 Tier Security
  • Surveillance by moving cameras
  • RWA to be effective with rights and finances to deal with campus issues.
  • Safe and comfortable campus facilities

Maintenance of Services

  • Exclusive sewerage treatment mechanized plant and recycling of treated water for irrigation
  • Sensors to point out the pollution levels
  • Solar energy to be exploited for street lightning as supplement to power supply
  • Water conservation and rain water harvesting system to be installed and maintained
  • Addressing of complaints of the residents by the central automated control boards
  • Inbuilt system to monitor the quality of drinking water
  • Electric supply through prepaid smart dual source energy meters with fault detection and alert generation facility to ensure theft free electricity through M2M gateway
  • ICT Solutions for full efficiency


  • 100 MBPS internet backbone with high level telephonic penetration
  • Wifi Enabled Campus
  • Optical fiber cable connectivity
  • ICT Solutions for the services

Smart Homes

  • Uninterrupted essential services
  • Sensor switches as per plan/Scheme
  • Easy access for day to day needs in the campus
  • Least dependence on manual services
  • World class communications and ICT Solutions
  • Self sustaining campus in terms of day to day needs, shopping, medical facility, education etc.