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Plants portray a simplicity which touches every heart. Whenever we plan to design the interiors of our house, we tend to ignore how indoor plants can really enhance the beauty of the house. Not only they contribute to the beauty, choosing right plants according to your floor plan can also cleanse the air inside your home and thus provide a healthy and calm environment.

Here is a list of few plants that are easy to maintain, look beautiful, and also provide fresh air for your home:

1) Anthurium : Anthurium plants grow best in bright, indirect light. They do not require much fertilizers. Within a few months of proper care, an anthurium will grow wonderful, long lasting flowers.

2) Manilla Palm : It is a medium sized tree with moderate growth rate and is quite easy to grow indoors. The best part is that it’s fruits turn bright red during the during the winter season.

 3) Crocodile Fern : The name is given to this plant because of the textures of its leaves. Though it requires a little bit more care than other plants, its leaves grow up to 3 feet long which gives them a beautiful look.

4) Peace Lily : This tropical plant neutralizes toxic gases like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide providing a clean and fresh air. It usually grows up to 20-24 inches with white flowers.

5) Chinese Evergreen : This is a serene ornamental plant that can live up to 10 years and gives a peaceful look to your house. It has lustrous green leaves with streaks of red, grey, or white.

He who plants a tree, plants a hope. So, plant hope in your house today!

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