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If you always wanted a beautiful garden outside your home but don’t have the space for it, then don’t worry, terrace garden is the solution for you. Nowadays a terrace garden is not just about flowers kept in a pot, it has become more than that. You can also grow lush green grass base and basic vegetables in your terrace garden with a little care and attention.

Here are a few basic tips that you need to follow in order to make a beautiful terrace garden:

Make sure that your terrace is at least semi-open and gets ample amount of sunlight everyday.

Covering the base of your roof with a water-proof flooring is recommended to avoid any seepage through the roof. Laminated vinyl flooring is a good option.

Don’t restrict yourself to pots. Use any kind and shape of containers and recycle. You can use vertical space on the wall too to hand in some flower pots.

Start with small pots of vegetables and choose those which are easy to maintain. Green chillies are relatively easy to grow than other vegetables.

These are some other vegetables that you can grow in a pot – Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Radishes, Beans, Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Beetroot, Lettuce, Garlic, Gourds, Brinjal.

Normal garden soil can’t be used for growing vegetables, a little bit of more fertilizers and manures are required which you can easily find in any nursery.

Some plants require less sunlight compared to others. If some of your plants can’t handle the scorching sun, you can install a shade net on top of them.

Right watering is really important. While underwatering will dry out the plant, over-watering also washes away the essential nutrients from the soil.

You can make compost by utilizing the kitchen waste too. Take a bucket and make a few holes at the bottom. First add the wet waste (all veggie peels but no onion peels or cooked food) from the kitchen, then put soil on top. Over this, you can put dry manure and cover with a paper.

As some plants consume more nutrients than others, experiment with a combination of different type of plants to know which one works on your soil.

Happy gardening!

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